Charlie Magne

Name: Charlie Morningstar
Age: Over 200
Demon Status: Hellborn/Demon Royalty
Height: 6ft /182 cm
Likes: Singing, Musicals, Sweets, Happy endings
Dislikes:The systemic slaughtering of her people every year, being doubted and mocked, Helsa


Charlie is the main character and protagonist of Hazbin Hotel, and the Princess of Hell. Not wanting to see her people being slaughtered by Heaven every year anymore, she comes up with an idea that involves redeeming sinners, in hopes of sending them to heaven instead. To do this, she creates the Happy Hotel, a place for sinners to stay while they work on redemption. She isn't alone, with the help of her girlfriend, Vaggie, and her first client, Angel Dust. After a bad interview with Katie Killjoy in the pilot, she attracts the attention and help of Alastor, and his two subordinates, Niffty and Husk.



  Singing and Dancing



  Her last name used to be Magne!

  She likes pineapple on pizza :)

  She's bi!!!

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